A Parable of Paradox

Need one of these staplers? DON'T LOOK AT STAPLES!

My 4th of July weekend included a memorable adventure in shopping for something fairly simple: a staple gun.  Most of us have used one of these at some point in our lives.  Basically, it functions much like other staplers, except the staple is stronger, comes out of the stapler with more force, and goes directly into the target with no bending of the staple ends, like a desktop stapler.  Since I had other stuff to buy, I started at Sam’s Club.  They have a small office products section, where I found only a traditional desktop stapler.  As I left Sam’s Club heading to Home Depot for the stapler, I noticed that one of those office products stores was just a stone’s throw from Sam’s Club.  Not just any office products store, it was STAPLES.  With a name like STAPLES, surely they must have every kind of stapler one could imagine.  Staples not being the KING of staplers would be akin to a grocery store not carrying groceries or a gas station being out of gas.  Well, as paradoxes go, I came up EMPTY HANDED at STAPLES, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!  The lesson?  Be wary of that which seems obvious.

[Incidentally, to prove I am not an idiot for looking at an office products store for this stapler, one of Staples online competitors, BuyOnlineNow.com, does carry staple guns!]

2 responses to “A Parable of Paradox

  1. HOME DEPOT – BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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